Boom in Christmas Day Out-of-Home Dining

1 in 6 UK adults ate out on Christmas Day 2014, according to new figures

New figures released by Allegra reveals that 1 in 6 UK adults ate out on Christmas Day last year, equating to around 8 million meals.

The report also discovered that over a quarter of UK adults have never eaten out on Christmas Day, but nearly half would consider doing so.

Pubs operators were most successful, with over a third of consumers eating out on Christmas Day choosing to eat at pubs. Hotels and local restaurants also attracted significant Christmas Day trade, at 18% and 16% respectively.

The principle reasons for eating out on Christmas Day are due to being invited out by friends or family and to avoid the hassle of entertaining at home. However, very few consumers choose to eat out on Christmas Day for better quality of food.

Gareth Nash, Allegra Foodservices’ head of consumer insight, said: “Venues should really focus their Christmas Day messaging onproviding a stress-free sociable occasion for consumers on Christmas Day.”

The Eating Out Panel showed that the majority of diners eating out at Christmas were under 35s and from London. While some consumers have a tradition of cooking their Christmas Day meal at home, there is more scope to influence the new younger and time-poor generations into going out to eat.

Gareth Nash added: “Nearly half of consumers will consider eating out in the future on Christmas Day so there is an opportunity there for operators to increase footfall further and convert these ‘considerers’ into actual visitors.”