Stir it up is published ten times a year and includes the latest food and industry news as it affects the education, health and welfare, hospitality sectors of the independent catering industry. Our team of journalists report on all the latest food and catering industry news, as well as writing fascinating features on a range of relevant topics. The magazine also includes advice columns from industry experts, along with recipes and interviews with foodservice’s leading figures.

Where it all began…

The Country Range Group conducted a customer survey and answered the caterers’ call by turning the existing promotional booklet-magazine hybrid into a stand-alone customer magazine to support customers in all corners of the foodservice marketplace navigate the catastrophically stormy waters following the great recession.

The first issue of Stir it up as you know it today was published in February 2008, and alongside the magazine a separate promotional insert was launched.

Since then we have welcomed some incredible icons and industry leading chefs as our leading lights and my signature dish stars

… supported you through 16 mothering Sundays, easter weekends and 15 father’s days, Halloweens and busy festive periods

…featured over a thousand Country Range Group customers, including hundreds of fantastic recipes utilising key Country Range ingredients

…continued to support caterers across the UK and Ireland during the covid-19 pandemic

…evolved the features and content in response to your needs as you told us you wanted to hear from experts on topics such as food waste and mental health

…brought you the latest news stories, menu inspiration and top tips specifically tailored for your sector whether that is education, hospitality or health & welfare

…provided thousands of words of advice on key legislation and business critical updates

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