Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for caterers it can also be a tough one, especially with everyone having their own idea of the perfect breakfast! This is why we have put together a range of great breakfast ideas ideal for caterers, from quick and easy breakfasts to super healthy options and of course everyone’s favourites.

Traditional Breakfast Menu Ideas

Get inspired to update your breakfast menu with some fresh takes on everyday breakfast classics. All these ideas are quick and can easily be used with the full range of traditional breakfast ingredients everyone has at hand. Saving you time at breakfast service whilst serving something different!

Breakfast Pizza

Bacon, sausage, egg and beans on pizza? What could be better? Quick, easy and simple to make, a breakfast pizza can add something different to your breakfast menu without the need to stock loads of new ingredients.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

More than a light bite the ultimate breakfast butty is a versatile way of using those traditional breakfast ingredients. Perfect for dining in or taking away, a breakfast sandwich is easy to make, quick and offers customers enough variety of fillings to start their day the right way. Get started with the ultimate breakfast sandwich recipe.

Breakfast Burrito

Otherwise referred to as a breakfast wrap, the breakfast burrito is another great way to take a traditional cooked breakfast and offer customers something different. Like the breakfast sandwich the breakfast wrap is perfect for customers on the go. The beanz, egg and cheese burrito recipe is a firm favourite of ours!

Healthy breakfast ideas

Looking to add some healthy breakfast ideas into your breakfast menu? These easy, low-calorie breakfast ideas are perfect for caterers who want to add some more healthy alternatives to the more traditional breakfast options.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are an easy convenient breakfast that customers can personalise to their taste!  More importantly for busy chefs, overnight oats require very little prep time and can be made the night before, resulting in a ready-to-eat, delicious, creamy bowl of oats the next morning.  Take a look at our recipe for simple overnight oats.

Breakfast Protein Shake

Catering for gym enthusiasts doesn’t have to be hard work amongst the breakfast rush! A quick and convenient way to provide a protein rich breakfast item, the Stir it up breakfast protein shake requires very little preparation and can easily be amended to cater for vegans.

Simple Breakfast Smoothies

Smoothies are some of the best breakfast items, as they pack a big serving of fruits and veggies into the first meal of the day. These simple breakfast menu items can easily be adapted to include great seasonal ingredients helping keep your breakfast menu fresh and in season! With hundreds of flavours and ingredients available, you can easily create breakfast specials.

Get even more great breakfast ideas and recipes from Stir it up

Still looking for more breakfast ideas and recipes, then we’ve got you covered! The team at Stir it up are constantly looking at the latest food, drink and dining trends, creating and collating some great recipes with catering professionals in mind. Keep up to date and discover the latest recipe ideas from Stir it up.