Tetley today announces the launch of its Activi-Tea Kits, an online resource bank for care home staff. The kit has been designed to provide residents with entertainment, whilst promoting best-in-class hydration practices, which are essential within elderly care environments.

The Digital Activi-Tea kits are hosted on a fully online platform, from which care activity co-ordinators and key workers can download a variety of assets.  This includes conversation cards, nostalgic quizzes, and make-your-own party bunting. In addition, the site includes a range of playlists – with music essential to bringing any tea-party to life, from seasonal sounds to something a little more relaxing. There is also an interactive Tea Tour game, which can be carried out as an individual activity or as part of a group to keep residents moving around the care home.

Specifically for care home staff, the Activi-Tea Kits also include a range of educational resources, highlighting the importance of staying hydrated and healthy.

Each of the assets within the Activi-Tea Kits is fully downloadable and can be easily printed for multiple occasion use. These can additionally be accessed via mobile devices such as a phone, tablet or laptop. To cater to differing accessibility across a range of different care environments, both residential and within the community.

Each asset has been carefully designed for fun, with tangible benefits for those taking part. From nostalgic conversation cards to encourage memory recall, colouring activities to help maintain finger and hand strength, and quizzes to help with problem-solving and spelling.

Michelle Jee, Senior Brand Manager – Out of Home, Tetley comments; “At Tetley we care, and that’s why the UK’s favourite tea brand is dedicated to providing resources and tools to support the nation’s vital care workers in not just keeping residents healthy and hydrated, but making the experience enjoyable too.

“During the pandemic, the elderly and vulnerable within both residential and community care have often been extremely isolated. At Tetley, we take our hats off to the unwavering support that has been provided by care staff and key workers, and this is our way of giving something back. The simple act of sharing a cuppa and having a little bit of fun can really lift the mood – and we hope these Activi-Tea Kits spread a little joy as we navigate these uncertain times.”

The Activi-Tea Kits can be accessed by visiting Carekits.TetleyFoodservice.co.uk today. Care homes can also share their Tea Party pics, via Twitter, tagging @TetleyTeaOOH and using the hashtag #ActiviTeaParty for a chance to win a year’s free supply of Tetley’s award-winning decaf tea*.

For further information and to explore the entire range of care catering solutions from Tetley, visit our dedicated foodservice website, www.tetleyfoodservice.co.uk

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