To help the casual dining sector put the vegetable trend onto drinks menus, Monin has announced two new root vegetable purees: Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot and Le Fruit de Monin Carrot. The new syrups are the first vegetable flavours in the range. 

Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot can be used to give a number of drinks a natural, sweet flavour and its standout deep purple colour, which is widely predicted to be trending in food and drink across 2018, is perfect for creating Instagram worthy signature serves. 

Lee Hyde, beverage innovation manager, Monin UK says: “Beetroot has long been a popular ingredient in healthy smoothies, but it’s versatility is often underrated. It makes a great addition to cocktails, mocktails and even hot drinks. For example, a beetroot latte, which is just steamed coconut milk and Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot, is very simple to serve but its bright purple appearance will be sure to impress customers.” 

Le Fruit de Monin Carrot has delicately sweet notes and gives classic cocktails a natural, earthy twist. Try a twist on a classic mojito made with Le Fruit de Monin Carrot and lots of fresh parsley.