With more than 51 million tea drinkers in the UK, 165 million cups of tea drunk every day, and almost 2000 cups consumed every second[1], we can safely say that tea is a drink that can be enjoyed by anyone. However, consumers need to be satisfied that the tea they purchase out of home will live up to their expectations – so the quality of serve is key. Within tea service, experience is king and crucial to success for operators too. Good quality food and drink is no longer enough to keep consumers interested and to ensure they stay loyal to the brand. If the ambience and atmosphere is right, then consumers are 3X more likely to rate a brand as better value for money1. Therefore, operators have an opportunity to attract customers through their delivery of service.

Tetley Tea Masters, the industry leading online tea training course, is specifically designed for the out of home industry. Developed to address tea’s barriers in out of home, such as poor knowledge and quality of serve, and with hot drink consumers having a higher than average demand for quality, Tetley is invigorating the category and broadening the educational reach to operators using online training to improve industry standards.

 As we look to the future of tea, consumers are looking for an experience that reflects their desire to premiumise their beverage choices. Experience has become a bankable commodity for brands, and 2/3 of British consumers say that they strongly or moderately feel the need to satisfy their desire for new experiences1. It is important that staff have the knowledge and confidence to offer advice on the variety of tea blends they offer. Customers respond well when serving staff are well informed and passionate about their products. Training to expand the knowledge of operators will drive sales and improve the quality of tea served across the channels and customer satisfaction.

 Developed with CPL, the leafing provider of e-learning for the hospitality sector, this free to access industry approved foundation level course is presented by renowned Tetley Master Blender Sebastian Michaelis and suitable for all levels – whether front of house, a tea buyer or management. Taking users on a crop-to-cup journey in the art of the perfect tea serve, the fully-certificated course consists of four modules with a series of short training videos, followed by quick multiple-choice tests. On completion every user will receive a personalised certificate in recognition of their Tea Masters accreditation. Users can simply register at www.tetleyteamasters.co.uk to access the online course content and start on their journey to becoming a Tea Master.

For more information visit Tetley Tea Academy to watch an introductory video from Sebastian Michaelis.

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[1] The Tetley Tea Report 2018