The Sunday roast, a proud part of Britain’s culinary tradition, is still the number one meal for people dining out in pubs, according to research commissioned by Unilever Food Solutions.

Of 1,000 consumers surveyed by OnePoll, just over a quarter (27%) said they choose it above any other dish, and almost half (4 out of 10) said they’d like to see it on the menu every day of the week. When asked to name their favourite pub food, respondents chose the following five meals:

1. Roast dinners (27%)
2. Steak (25%)
3. Burgers (18%)
4. Fish and chips (17%)
5. Pies (8%)

Respondents were also asked what makes the ultimate roast, describing the ideal combination as:

• 3 slices of meat
• 3 roast potatoes
• 2 Yorkshire puddings

And it should be served with carrots, peas and thick gravy poured over the whole plate. Beef is the meat of choice among a third of respondents, and carrots top the poll with 7 out of 10 consumers choosing them as their favourite veg. When it comes to what’s served on the plate, however, traditions are changing. Gone are the days of having Yorkshire pudding only with roast beef – 8 out of 10 consumers said they like to eat them whatever the meat.

Chris Brown, channel category manager, Unilever Food Solutions, said: “Pub food has undergone a revolution over the last couple of years. But, despite changing tastes and a trend towards world cuisine, our research shows pubs can’t go wrong with a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Affectionately known as pub grub, these days the food is nearly as important as the beer menu. Today, pubs serve a variety of excellent freshly cooked meals that rival some of the best restaurants.”