Spice experts SANTA MARIA has teamed up with Simon Hulstone of The Elephant and Lee Desanges of Baked in Brick to create a series of spice hacks to help operators save costs, time and space and meet the increased demand for delivery.  

The guide, which is free to download, has been created in response to the huge pressure that operators are currently facing with skeleton kitchen teams, tighter margins and stripped back menus.

Barny Macadam, development chef from Santa Maria explains: “Our spice blends are a great way to add variety to a reduced menu, whilst still meeting consumer demand for global cuisines. In the right combinations, a slimmed down spice cupboard and a few staple ingredients can be used to make lots of different dishes. Our Penang Red Curry for example, can be used as a seasoning for Thai fishcakes, added to coconut milk for a creamy Thai curry and stirred through aromatic soups and noodle dishes. And, our Chimichurri can be sprinkled over diced vegetables, stirred in water and oil for a fresh sauce or used as a marinade for salmon.”

Lee Desanges of Baked in Brick says: “When you’re up against it – the clever little time savers from Spice Hacks will help you get dishes off the decks and out the door.  It’s like having an extra pair of hands. The quality and taste of Santa Maria spices is second to none; they elevate dishes. My favourite blends are Wasabi & Sesame and Lemon Curry.” 

Simon Hulstone, who has been using Santa Maria products for several years, adds: “Santa Maria products enhance recipes, increase flavour and ultimately I’m using less, as the flavour is 10 times better.  They bring all the other ingredients to life, without overpowering or unbalancing my dishes. Pure sorcery!”

Santa Maria is encouraging chefs to share their best hacks or chef tips on Instagram  @SantaMariaFSUK using #SMHacks for the chance to win product boxes to help them improve their delivery offering.

To download a free Hack Pack full of hints, tips and advice to help stay ahead of the game visit  www.santamariaworld.com/uk/foodservice/concepts/spice-hacks/