Lamb Weston has launched a brand new fries concept, Hot2Home, that ensures fries are delivered hot and crispy to the consumer at home, every time.

A stunning combination of product and packaging innovation, Hot2Home is set to boost repeat sales from happy consumers and in turn drive profits for operators across the industry. From fully loaded dirty fries to single portioned sides, fries are one of the most popular additions to any casual dining menu, but with the UK home delivery market growing 10 times faster than the total eating out market (NPD Group UK Food Delivery Market, March 2017), services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat are increasingly looking to improve consumer reviews, particularly with regard to fries.

Outlets which offer home delivery have come to accept that the temperature and crispiness of fries deteriorates rapidly after an order leaves the kitchen, and that consumers never really receive the quality they deserve.

The unique Hot2Home concept deals with the two main problems that make fries cold and soggy during delivery. It introduces a revolutionary type of fry and specially developed packaging, with the combination of the two innovations creating fries that can be delivered to the consumer in the best possible condition.

Andrea Deutschmanek, country marketeer UK & ROI at Lamb Weston, says: “At Lamb Weston, we understand the potential disappointment facing consumers when ordering fries for delivery and we know chefs want to stay proud of the dishes they create. With many businesses delivering within miles from their premises, there are a number of factors that can produce the delays, such as traffic jams, or even consumers living on the top floor of a block of flats. Customers want hot and crispy fries with their meal and Hot2Home is the first overall solution for delivering fries with the guarantee that fries stay in optimal condition for up to 20 minutes.” In addition, the disposable Hot2Home fry packaging has been created with sustainability in mind. The wood used for the carton board is harvested under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the greaseproof coating on the cardboard is also fully recyclable; enabling the consumer to dispose of the packaging at home.