Radnor Hills have unveiled their new label designs on their still and sparkling Water range ahead of a busy summer of sales. The change has come as they move their water source from mineral to spring water.

The new branding still reflects their strong Welsh heritage with the cleverly embossed Welsh Dragon on the neck of the bottle still taking pride of place on the popular 500ml still variant. With this clean, stylish and modern new look they are confident it will lift the bottles off the shelves. They have taken a new and contemporary approach to the branding by putting a fresh spin on the bottles using a modern ‘netted’ style background to imitate the Welsh rolling hills. The intention was for the bottles to have a more premium and sophisticated feel to them and they have definitely achieved this!

What does stay the same is the pure, refreshing taste of the water. Their Spring Water is well balanced and rich in trace minerals, it’s extracted far underground and bottled at source on their site in Powys, Mid Wales. The water can often take just 7 short minutes to be abstracted
from their organically farmed ground straight into the bottles using state of the art technology which means it remains exceptionally pure for consumers to enjoy.

“It is extraordinary how the bottled water market keeps growing and growing year on year. With this in mind we have refocussed our efforts to make sure our bottle designs are cutting edge and making sure that we have purity, heritage and provenance. As you enjoy each bottle of our water you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales!”

Radnor Hills are dedicated to promoting healthy hydration. Whether you are at work, school or on-the-go it’s important to keep your fluid intake up, drinking water is the best form of hydration; it delivers fluid without adding any extra calories or preservatives.

Take a look at the full range of new labels on their website at www.radnorhills.co.uk.