Developed with quality and reliability in mind, the new takeaway range of premium aluminium foil containers from Cofresco Foodservice will help delivery businesses avoid the pitfalls of cold food and non-recyclable packaging.

For operators looking to ensure their food reaches customers just as it left their kitchen; the high insulation, 100% recyclable, hygienic packaging solution will take the headache out of delivery and takeaway.

Cofresco Foodservice’s new range of premium aluminium foil containers has been designed for operators who are serious about ensuring their dishes reach consumers in perfect condition and piping-hot from the kitchen.

These premium containers are as elegant as they are strong. Not only that, but they also offer high thermal insulation to keep dishes hot, as they are heat resistant up to 600°C, plus are scratch and leak proof.

With the takeaway and delivery market experiencing spikes during the lockdown – Uber reported its food delivery business more than doubled in the third quarter of 2020 versus 2019+ and 52% of consumers admitted to ordering within a week of sites closing** – guaranteeing restaurant quality food will appeal to the 43% of consumers who now order food at least once a month** and support your business.

Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Cofresco Foodservice said:

“The UK’s hunger for delivered food is greater than ever. Food delivery is in high demand and the backbone of foodservice businesses. Ensuring restaurant quality food to go is vital and yet we’ve all had lukewarm or worse cold takeaway which ends up ruined in the microwave. Research shows that one of biggest challenges for operators and causes of consumer complaints after late deliveries (50%) and wrong orders (37%) is quite simply cold food (36%). This new Cofresco Foodservice Aluminium Foil range solves this age-old problem and means your delivery will be remembered for all the right reasons, tasty, hot food.”

Crucially, the premium range also offers maximum hygiene. As unlike cardboard the aluminium foil doesn’t encourage bacteria growth or interact with the food inside, and provides a barrier to light grease, water, oxygen and C02. Whilst for those concerned with their environmental impact, all containers are 100% recyclable, giving you and your customers the reassurance that your food deliveries are sustainable and responsible when it comes to packaging.

Adrian adds:

“Sustainability is a core focus for Cofresco Foodservice and we want to support green minded operators and their customers. Too many takeaway containers can’t go into the recycling. Our new range looks to put an end to both problems as they can be recycled endlessly and are a hygienic solution for takeaway, at a time when operators need it most.”

The new Aluminium foil range is available now and comes in a wide range of tray, single and multi-container options.

+  Peter Backman Monthly Report December 2020 *Source: Lumina Intelligence  **Source: CGA’s mid-November Consumer Pulse survey 2020  ^Source: First Orion

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