In celebration of this year’s World Milk Day (1st June), Nestlé Professional are highlighting their Nestlé Milk Plan which includes four practices that are compulsory for farmers, in order to receive the sustainability bonus payment for their milk. The Plan also includes five optional elements that we encourage First Milk farmers to participate in.

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  • Optimising carbon storage within soil and fertiliser use to offset carbon in the supply chain
  • Increasing the biodiversity of farmland
  • Following Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture guidelines for antibiotics
  • Reducing single-use and increasing recycled plastics, exploring alternatives


  • School visits to help children better understand food, farming and the environment
  • Next Generation Dairy Leaders Programme – helping younger farmers become future leaders
  • Women in Agriculture Programme – empowering diversity, enabling women to exchange knowledge and shape their futures
  • Digital innovation – cow monitors and other technologies provide information about the environmental footprint and animal welfare standards
  • Reducing global deforestation by increasing the use of homegrown forage