Nestlé Coffee Partners has teamed up with top experts to help workplaces nurture productivity, as employees return to the office.

The collaboration, with insight from specialists Humanyze and workplace design experts Brainybirdz, sees the release of ‘Thinking Smart About Productivity’. The dynamic report uses in-depth scientific research and insights to show the science behind productivity, how to boost it, as well as what makes an effective workplace and how to increase collaboration.

An interesting topic highlighted is the attractors of movement– which include everything from the physical journeys we take, to everyday tasks that influence and affect interactions with others. Findings suggest that hot beverages are a powerful facilitator for movement in creating moments of planned and unplanned interactions in the workplace.

The report offers a range of ideas for businesses, including how to enable flow and focus with the use of hot beverages to stage ‘strategic interventions’ via a hot beverage station. Elsewhere, kitchen space can be used as a high-quality coffee breakout area, to facilitate better breaks or offer ‘happy hour’ options for businesses.

Hot drinks can also be used to encourage more productive teamwork, the report finds, with collaborations over coffee or in a more casual ‘café’ area helping to drive productivity.

And, according to the experts, ‘unplanned interactions’, which are often more informal coffee moments, can help build trust, spark new ideas and promote different ways of thinking.

David Basson, Head of Beverages UK&I, Nestlé Professional says: “As workforces return to the office – be it full-time or just for meetings – encouraging productivity is important. Our report uses scientific thinking to help businesses engage effectively with their employees and facilitate productivity in a range of ways.

“At Nestlé, we understand the merits of meeting over a coffee, and are pleased to see that hot beverages are a powerful facilitator of productivity. Nestlé Coffee Partners has a portfolio of brands that, when used for the right need, helps to deliver against consumer expectations.”

The Nestlé Coffee Partners range of solutions caters to three main drivers: Coffee as a reason to take a well-earned break from work; Creating a coffee shop experience to help attract and delight employees and; Helping to harness coffee as the Social Connector, connecting with colleagues and visitors over a cup.

Having understood the concept of attractors, the behaviours they create, and the common elements of productivity, each consumer experience can be matched to Nestlé Coffee Partners solutions to support the workplace.

Simon Baggaley, Category Manager Beverages, Nestlé Professional adds: “To truly ‘think smart’ about improving productivity with hot beverage solutions, careful thought and consideration needs to be given to every element, including the client, their consumers, the category, and ultimately the brands a business chooses to partner with. We are confident that Nestlé Coffee Partners can provide the right solution for any workplace.”