The traditional Christmas dinner is still a firm favourite amongst consumers.  Over recent years, there has been an increase in consumers dining out on Christmas Day.  In fact, according to restaurant booking site,, there was a 251% rise in reservations for Christmas Day between 2011 and 2015, with a quarter of Brits saying they had eaten out on Christmas day before and 35% would do it again.  This provides operators with a fantastic opportunity to perfect their Christmas offering, create something new and develop a competitive edge. [Lamb Weston eu website]

Roasties have to be one of the most favourite parts of a Christmas dinner, so no ifs or buts, they HAVE to be perfect!  The challenge is to get a consistently perfect potato with a crispy outside and fluffy middle every time, particularly during busy periods.  With the extra demands on the kitchen at this hectic time of year, the best chefs know the secret to serving up endless batches of perfectly golden roasties, simply, quickly and no matter what the skill level is in the kitchen – Lamb Weston’s Crispy Roast Potatoes!

The slightly crisp bite and uniform smooth interior, combined with that fresh roasted potato flavour, means Lamb Weston’s Crispy Roast Potatoes ensure operators can always deliver the perfect end product, every time.

For extra luxurious feel, and to keep menus fresh – why not consider giving customers a classy addition and offer a side of Lamb Weston’s Pommes Duchesses?  An elegant touch to any special dish, these Duchesses are made from the finest mash for a taste fit for royalty – a classy potato treat with luxury appeal, high value for money.  Gluten free, easy to portion, uniform sizes, they’re perfect oven baked.

Or try Lamb Weston’s Pommes Noisettes – smooth on the inside, crunchy on the outside, these lightly seasoned nuggets of deliciousness are hard to resist.  The classic potato balls suit classic or modern dishes, are easy to portion and are great for the oven.

Spuds are not just for mains – let them out of the bag!

With people heading out to enjoy Christmas dinners, lunches and parties, it’s the perfect time to up your game and introduce either a festive sharing menu or a selection of Christmas sides, appetisers, party food and bar nibbles.

These can be simple for operators to make, working the versatility of the base product and even include an element of personalisation.

Lamb Weston Potato Dippers are a real winner.  Skin-on, thin cut with a light bite, they’re made for fun sharing, ideal for mixing and matching with different flavour combos.  Their unique shape is designed for scooping or dipping, and they work beautifully as a light appetiser or as part of a platter.  Crispy and tasty, their home cooked appearance has real appeal.

Potato Dippers are ideal for dipping into a baked camembert topped with cranberries and caramelised walnuts for a luxurious sharing dish or an indulgent vegetarian starter.

Try a Christmas ceviche with Lamb Weston Dipping Strips.  Premium, thinly-cut potato strips, seasoned with onion and black pepper, they have a subtle sophisticated taste.  With a unique cut style and flavour profile, Dipping Strips can be served hot or cold so have multi-serving potential – ideal to add to a meal and an excellent buffet item, side dish, appetiser or dipping snack.  And they can be prepared in the fryer or oven.

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