Lakeland Dairies has relaunched its range of dairy creams to meet chef demand for premium and practical ingredients. 

Moving from Millac to Lakeland Dairies branding to emphasise its farmer-owned dairy credentials, Lakeland Dairies Dairy Whipping Cream and Dairy Single Cream join the brand’s comprehensive portfolio of premium dairy solutions following research with the nation’s chefs. 

Lakeland Dairies Dairy Whipping Cream is a luxury indulgent cream, adding depth and richness to the flavour and texture of any dish. Removing the worry of over-whipping, it stays exceptionally stable when whipped and does not split during cooking. 

Lakeland Dairies Dairy Single Cream is perfect for pouring over desserts or adding a creamy richness to any sauce or soup, all the while without splitting. 

Independent research identified a clear demand for robust, stackable packaging allowing chefs to maximise storage space. 

Lakeland Dairies new Tetra Edge square packaging proves easy to store in the fridge or on the shelf until opened. The larger opening cap is easier to open, quicker to pour and re-seals to maximise freshness in the fridge and avoid spillages.