Established in 1913, Hellmann’s has been making the best mayonnaise for over 100 years. Hellmann’s is the number 1 brand of mayo* in foodservice, providing chefs with a range of pack sizes and formulations for every scale and style of operation.

The team at Hellmann’s are always looking to invest to help accelerate category growth.

This spring welcomes the launch of their best performance mayonnaise – Hellmann’s Professional!

Chefs have been asking for a mayonnaise that delivers every time in the toughest applications for a quality product they can rely on, a product made by chefs, for chefs.

“In a busy service, I need to trust that my mayo performs every time, over time”.

Hellmann’s Professional in detail:

  • Perfect coating & minimal water loss for 72 hours in bound salads
  • Great binding & consistency for signature dips & sauces
  • Heat stable in grill & oven
  • The classic Hellmann’s taste, perfect for a base you can build your signature dishes with
  • Free-range eggs and sustainably sourced oils, no artificial colours, gluten-free & lactose-free
  • Designed by chefs for professional kitchens
  • Even more profitable

This ingredient is “versatile in hot and cold dishes, holding its thickness and delivering maximum stability” and provides an “ideal thick texture to my sauces and dips – even when I add my own twist”.