Small businesses and restaurants are an important part of Instagram’s community, and we know they are facing immense challenges during the COVID-19 crisis.

That’s why, Instagram is launching Food Orders, making it easier for businesses to get support from their customers through food orders on Instagram.

How it works:

• Action Button on profiles – To use the feature, businesses will need the latest version of the app, and then should see a notification which will take them through the steps for adding an “Action Button” to their profile.
• Food Orders in Stories – we have also launched the Food Orders sticker for Instagram Stories, which businesses will see in their sticker tray when they tap to add a sticker. When people see the sticker, they can simply tap to make their purchase through our partner’s site, bringing them the food they love and supporting a local restaurant or business at the same time.

For many businesses right now, every sale helps. At Instagram, we are continuing to work on features that make it easier to support the small businesses you care about.