Menu Signatures Staycrisp Medium and Julienne Skin-on Fries, help caterers to ignite the senses of their customers and stand out from the competition with fresh-style, crispy fries that stay hotter for longer.

The two cut options extend the popular Staycrisp range of fries, giving caterers the opportunity to deliver a thrilling dining experience with a choice of rustic-style gluten-free, hot and crispy fries to match their any menu.

Catherine Rigg, McCain Foods Senior Brand Manager, said: “The launch of new Menu Signatures Staycrisp Medium and Julienne Skin-on Fries, ensures caterers can meet growing consumer demand for big flavours and a memorable dining experience that really ignites the senses.

“The already popular Staycrisp range delivers fries that stay hot and crispy for longer, even when they’re seasoned or topped, and the new cut sizes mean that for the first time caterers now have options to meet all potential menu and customer needs.”

“Offering seasoned fries is on-trend right now and an easy way to meet consumer demand for unique flavour experiences without drastically changing the menu, but it also increases profits as you can charge a premium for your fries.”

Beefy Boys’ seal of approval

World renowned Hereford-based burger legends The Beefy Boys have given the new fries the seal of approval.

Beefy Boys Spokesman Murf, said: “The two new McCain Staycrisp Fries are great, the coating helps them stay hot and crisp even when they’ve been seasoned.

“There was a lot of ‘mmmm’ when we first tried them. They’re crispy fries – very crispy, with a nice outer layer and a very fluffy middle. They’ve also got a really premium look about them.

“For us, the skin-on style is definitely a good thing as it means they look nice and rustic. You’ve also got classic cuts to choose from, and they look like they could be hand cut by us, which means they fit into the ethos and feel that we want to create.”

Seasoned fries: menu inspiration to ignite the senses and add value

Murf continues, “You can’t just serve any fry – it needs to look and taste right. And while we have plain fries on the menu, it’s also important to give customers options so they can get a unique experience.

“We serve topped and seasoned fries with some really unique flavour and aroma combinations. Not only does that give customers more value as they get an experience, it’s also a great way for us to increase revenue.

“Whether it’s American BBQ, or flavours of Morocco, consumers are on the lookout for a way to experience these new flavour trends, and blended seasonings for fries can be a simple way to meet that demand. They bring bags of flavour, and the smell can really hit you, which really adds to the dining experience.”

“With special seasonings for fries, you just need to find what’s right for you operationally and for your customers.

Ski Fries (pine, fennel, smoked salt, mulled cider vinegar)

“These taste like Christmas, but definitely in a good way. The smell’s amazing, they look great. The ingredients are really unusual but they really work together. Even with the vinegar the McCain Fries stay really crispy and hold the seasoning really well.”

Dhukka Fries (fennel seed, anise, pistachio, rose blossom, cumin, coriander and sesame)

“Very interesting – really unique with a real Moroccan feel about them. The smell hits you when the dish arrives. You can see these working really well with BBQ food. First you get the smell of the cooking drawing people in, and then this extends that experience at the table.”