Tilda is urging operators to get behind National Rice Week (September 19-25) by adding great tasting rice dishes to their menus and profiting from this gloriously versatile commodity in the process.

Rice is the mainstay of food for over half the world’s population, but it’s so much more than an accompaniment to a curry or Chinese. Its versatility is unbeatable, not only can it be used to make starters, mains and desserts, but it’s a gluten-free hero, can take on flavours of any dish, is a firm favourite among vegetarians and has health benefits to rival some of the most super of super foods.

To encourage the use of rice in outlets across the UK, during National Rice Week, Tilda has created some innovative recipes showcasing rice in surprisingly different ways:
· Cashing in on one of the fastest growing eating occasions of the moment, rice muesli using Tilda Wholegrain Basmati Rice is a delicious, slow release energy addition to any breakfast menu.
· Cooking up a frittata is a great way of utilising leftovers, including rice (any variety works), garnished with salad, it is a quick, easy and tasty lunchtime offer.
· Tilda Pure Basmati Rice can be used to replace glutinous flours in chocolate brownies making for a luxurious, gooey, gluten-free dessert item.
· Likewise swapping breadcrumbs with cooked Tilda Fragrant Jasmine Rice is a great way of bulking up burgers and because of its ‘sticky’ quality it has the added benefit of making these an egg-free and gluten-free option on menus.
· Using Tilda Brown ‘n’ White Rice and mozzarella as a pizza base transforms this dish into another gluten-free treat – an ideal addition to a kids menu because it doesn’t look out of place on the table.
· Utilising the premium Tilda Basmati & Wild Rice caterers can create the perfect blini with a variety of toppings to tantalise the taste buds.

Craig Dillon, head of foodservice at Tilda, says: “The aim of these Tilda recipes is to show caterers just how creative they can be with rice throughout National Rice Week – the potential is endless. Rice offers simple gluten-free solutions and can also be used to bulk up dishes, without comprising on taste, but increasing profit margins.

“The beauty of using Tilda is that its consistent results gives caterers the confidence in the kitchen, allowing them to concentrate on other items on the menu. We’re hoping that the many benefits of using rice will wow operators during National Rice Week and they’ll continue to use it on menus all year round.”

In addition to the recipes – which can be found on www.tildafoodservice.com – Tilda has created a downloadable National Rice Week menu poster which allows operators to add their ‘Rice Specials’, helping to spread the word to their customers and celebrate National Rice Week!