Discover Charcuti® and SunBlush® ranges : a wide range of high quality charcuterie and slow roasted tomatoes to create the perfect sharing board!

Charcuti® A traditional & authentic charcuterie
The curing process for salami and cured hams is a very traditional form of food production and preservation. Salt is used to draw out the moisture and then it is air dried to produce the salami/cured ham, which can take from 3 weeks to 12 months depending on the product.

We buy directly from the source, ensuring we offer the most authentic charcuterie to our customers.

A wide range of products! We have many types of charcuterie in our range:
From Italy : Milano, Napoli, spianata romana/picante, coppa, ventricina, salsiccia picante, pancetta, speck, finocchiona, Parma ham and prosciutto
From Spain: Serrano, chorizo, lomo and salchichon
From Germany : Peppered Salami

The Charcuti® range is perfect for antipasti and tapas platters, or as a pizza topping!

SunBlush® The original slow roasted tomato with intense flavour!
Well loved by chefs, critics and consumers alike, SunBlush® tomatoes have become an integral part of the nation’s mealtime. We created the original SunBlush® tomato, which is now available in 48 different formats, but also introduced red and yellow baby plum tomatoes and much more!

Ever since Mark and Oliver Leatham brought them to our shores in 1996, one thing has set them apart – their full flavour.

The unique way we prepare and marinade SunBlush® foods gives the best quality products an added burst of flavour. That’s why they’re so perfect for salads, pizzas, soups, pasta, sandwiches, or even as an antipasti dish on their own