Leading baked goods manufacturer, Délifrance, has launched two premium, ready-to-bake viennoiseries – the Cinnamon and Brioche Buns.

The perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, the Cinnamon Bun boasts a classic shape infused with a popular filling to offer an ever more refined experience for consumers. The Brioche Bun is versatile and can be used as a sandwich carrier, served with a sweet filling and topping, or enjoyed on its own.

By catering to both convenience, taste and texture, the ready-to-bake pastries not only help baked goods operators delight their customers, but also alleviate pressures from a staffing and scheduling perspective.

Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director at Délifrance said: “The nostalgic Cinnamon Bun and remarkably versatile Brioche Bun are a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of convenience, taste and texture. Ultimately, consumers continue to seek indulgence and convenience in the morning and throughout the day, so we’re delighted to expand our viennoiserie range with products that deliver on both of these fronts.” The products are now available via Délifrance from national wholesalers.