Sustainability in the food industry is fast becoming a key driver in consumer and customer decision making. A recent survey conducted in 2018 revealed 59% of consumers considered sustainability as a crucial factor in deciding the foods that they consume*. More interestingly still, this is a 9% increase from 50% in 2017, showing that sustainability is not just important to the majority of consumers, but also growing and growing quickly*!

Sustainability is at the heart of our CHEF® brand and our products. Our production factory in Juuka, Finland, operates on a sustainability model. We recycle waste into compost, fertiliser and biofuel to reduce our carbon emissions and minimise our waste. We also use solar and wind energy to power our machinery and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. All of the steps we make are to protect the environment and maintain a sustainable approach to food production.

Our CHEF® All Natural Stocks are produced both sustainably and to the highest quality. We select the best ingredients including marrow, rib and shank bones then roast, season and simmer, keeping true to the Esoffier principles. Our stocks are then treated to allow for an extended shelf life of 12 months without the use of preservatives, maintaining quality and ensuring less waste for our customers.

Enjoy our All Natural Stocks in a range of offerings suitable for any dish, including Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Lobster, Veal and Shellfish. They can be used as bases and are easily customisable for chefs who’d like to add their own creative flair.

*International Food Information Council