New Americana research shows half of consumers make permanent changes to their diets following Veganuary participation[1]

Veganuary provides the perfect moment for the nation to reflect on their dietary choices, whether for environmental, health or animal welfare reasonsWhilst it is only 31 days, it seems that it is enough for 51%consumers to establish permanent dietary changes[2]

New research by Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana brand further demonstrates the consumer desire for all things plant based with 68% of consumers surveyed planning to take part in Veganuary 2022. Of the 68%,9/10 are planning to extend their new vegan or plant-based diets beyond the 31st January and 92% say they would consider ordering a vegan dish at any time of year. Therefore, it is more important than ever that operators offer enticing gourmet vegan menu options throughout the year. 

With the meat-free market worth £600m[3], and 66% of consumers opting for, or open to meat-alternative dishes[4], an appealing vegan menu can provide a rewarding opportunity for outlets. With more consumers demanding premium vegan options on the menu and 52% of them expecting to see a gourmet vegan burger on the menu[5], operators can combine both trends to create a compelling vegan burger menu that allows customers to trade up to gourmet. 

Samantha Winsor, Brand Manager, Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana brand comments: “Veganuary provides outlets with the perfect opportunity to showcase their vegan menus, attracting new customers looking for quality plant-based. Providing ongoing quality and varied vegan menu choices can result in ongoing opportunities throughout the rest of the year. 

“A mainstay of every menu is the ongoing burger trend and consumer demand for quality ingredients. Outlets can target both the burger and vegan trend in one go through a gourmet vegan burger offering, enticing new diners through the door. To maximise the opportunity for repeat visitation it is essential that operators go gourmet to avoid consumers feeling disappointed. The versatile dish easily allows for a range of trade up options including patties, toppings and relishes, all housed in a gourmet bun. It not only adds a premium quality visual impact but makes it taste better too. Americana supports these trends with their range of Gourmet Burger Buns which are all high quality, halal, vegan and registered with The Vegan Society (except the Brioche Bun)”.

The research further supports this message by highlighting that 94% of consumers expect to see the same variety of plant-based menu options throughout the year as are on offer in Veganuary[6]. Consumers also want quality with 92% saying it is an important factor when choosing a vegan dish[7]66% of consumers say that gourmet options influence their purchasing decisions[8], while 8/10 consumers say that the variety of vegan or plant-based menu options positively influences their choice of venue[9].   As these trends continue to gain traction, operators can capitalise by ensuring vegan options are clearly marked on the menu alongside recommended trade up options. It’s also important to ensure that vegan options don’t compromise on taste, quality or flavour. So, invest in menu development and stay on top of current vegan trends to deliver outstanding vegan Gourmet Burger options throughout the year.

Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana Ambassador, DJ BBQ, comments: “Plant-based cooking is where it’s at. The growth rate is exponential and not slowing down. With half of consumers expecting plant-based burger options on a menu[10], its vital that every operator has a decent vegetarian and/or vegan burger on their menu. A veggie burger also says a lot about a restaurant. They aren’t easy and can often be dry and flavour-less. But if you can do a decent vegan or vegetarian option then you’re ticking all boxes. Many vegan and veggie options can also be prepared and served quickly”. Operators can check out DJ BBQ’s vegan recipe suggestions here

The good news from the market trends and consumer research is that Veganuary isn’t just for January! Americana supports outlets to capitalise on this and the gourmet burger trend throughout the year with its vegan and plant-based insights and on-trend vegan recipes. 

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