Research by The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) has shed light on the ongoing campus versus high street price divide.

Findings from the study, which was conducted in partnership with Litmus, show on average the cost of food and drink on the high street has increased over the past year, while prices have decreased for comparable products at university campuses.

The most noticeable difference is in high street shops, where prices have risen by a staggering 48.8% compared to a drop of -4.1% at university shops. Another big area of disparity is cafés, where prices at high street outlets are up by an average 17.6% compared to 7% on campuses.

Hot beverages in particular are consistently more expensive from the high street, with a regular cappuccino costing £2.20 compared to under £2 at universities. It’s a similar situation for bottled water, which can be purchased for under a pound at universities but for an average of £1.59 on the high street.

Commenting on the results, Mike Haslin (pictured), CEO of TUCO, said: “For our members, benchmarking against the high street – both in terms of local pricing and national food trends – is essential to ensure their offer remains attractive to students and encourages them to stay on-site. “By conducting our annual research, we are able to keep our members informed of price movements between universities and the high street and support university caterers in providing true value to their students.”

To download the research, visit: TUCO_Selling_Price_Results_Report_2016-17_v6.pdf