The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) has announced winners of its annual skills competitions. Held at the University of Warwick, more than 100 competitors battled it out to win gold at the prestigious event. 

Matt White, chair of TUCO, said: “Our annual skills competitions have evolved year on year. The talent and skills shown by all competitors was fantastic. I was delighted to see the support. The atmosphere across all competitions was great. It’s exciting to see competitors deliver extraordinary breadth and range of hospitality skills. Congratulations to all of the winners.” 

TUCO competitions gives opportunity for college and university caterers to showcase their range of talents and skills, giving delegates a chance to see them live in action. Whether it be during the live cookery competitions or live on stage creating unique beverages. 

 Competitions included Barista and bar skills challenges, a chef’s challenge, cook & serve challenge, Salon Culinaire, and new for 2019, a photography challenge and grab & go competition. 

Philippa Page from University of Kent (pictured above), gold award winner of the new photography challenge, said: “It’s the first this year so I don’t know what to expect”. Participating in the competition, she said she’d be thinking about, “Composition. Trying to capture the essence of the TUCO competitions and the chefs.” 

TUCO Competitions award winners 2019: 

Bar skills competition, best signature drink: Tonii D’astoldo, University of Reading 

Bar skills competition: Sophie Knights, University of Sheffield 

Photography challenge: Philippa Page, University of Kent 

Grab & go challenge: Kim Barnish, Keele University 

Barista skills: Flavia Zago, Imperial College London 

Cook & serve challenge: Karol Zelek, Ross Wilson and Liga Boyd, University of Edinburgh 

Chefs challenge: Mark Donovan and Douglas Shewan, University of Aberdeen 

Salon culinaire, best in salon: Rob Eddington, Oxford Said Business School 

Salon culinaire afternoon tea: Rob Eddington, Oxford Said Business School 

Salon culinaire coffee shop style sponge cake: Douglas Shewan, University of Aberdeen 

Salon culinaire cookie challenge: Hannah Argyle, University of York 

Salon culinaire decorative exhibit: Rachel Meikle, University of Edinburgh 

Salon culinaire novelty decorated cake: Jackie Rowlands, University of Chester 

Salon culinaire restaurant plated dessert: Rob Hattersley, University of Sheffield 

Salon culinaire tray bake: Rob Eddington, Oxford Said Business School