Bakery experts Dr Oetker has given traditional festive fashion a tasty makeover and created an entirely edible Christmas jumper.

Developed with Juliet Sear, baking consultant and founder of Fancy Nancy cake boutique, the winter jumper took over 50 hours to create using 10kg of icing, 5kg of marzipan, 1kg of chocolate and a large sprinkle of Christmas magic.

Expertly crafted, the jumper is constructed using a gingerbread base covered in a thin layer of icing. The knitted pattern on the torso and sleeves was prepared with Dr Oetker Ready to Roll Regal-Ice – which was also used for the snowflakes and zig zag pattern – while the reindeer is made with ready-to-roll marzipan and chocolate.

Baking Expert Juliet Sear said: “When Dr Oetker came to me with this idea, I knew it was totally bonkers but I just couldn’t wait to get involved.

“It was the most exciting and challenging thing I have ever done but I’ve had loads of fun with it. I’m so in the mood for Christmas now!”

Jan Mckee, marketing director at Dr Oetker said: “When it comes to creativity at Christmas, the sky is the limit! We encourage professional bakers to think outside the box by providing inspirational ideas that can be scaled up or down as required and think the festive jumper perfectly captures the fun in baking during the festive season.

“It was so exciting to see it brought to life, truly capturing the magic of Christmas time, and demonstrating what can be achieved when using our range of products. We hope the jumper will trigger even more imaginative ideas throughout the foodservice sector and encourage bakers, chefs and operators to get more creative with their menu items!”

Dr Oetker has created a behind-the-scenes video showing how the world’s first edible Christmas jumper was made, available to view here.