British Food Fortnight is what it says on the tin – a celebration of food produced in Britain and Ireland, taking place over a two-week period from September 21 to October 6. Organised by Love British Food, this successful national food promotion is now in its 18th year. Foodservice organisations from across the private and public sector take part, from restaurants, hotels and sporting venues to schools, hospitals and care homes.

Why take part?

Getting involved and taking a pro-active role in educating the public about the food their nation produces is obviously an excellent thing to do. But that’s not all. Taking part can also have a real impact on your business. New customers will be attracted, and existing customers are likely to spend more, leading to an increase in sales. One restaurant is previously reported to have seen sales increase by 300%!
Andy Jones, of the Hospital Caterers Association, says: “We enjoy getting involved with the fortnight as it is a key time to showcase seasonal, local ingredients. We know already that many hospitals try to buy and serve British food. Of the £205million spent by the NHS on food for patients approx. 75% is spent on British.” Healthy eating, local sourcing and food safety are hot topics at the moment, and customers expect you to lead the way.

I truly believe it is our responsibility as chefs to source ingredients local, seasonally and sustainably. I think it’s important to support small British suppliers who are really taking the time to give us such great quality

Love British Food ambassador Ruth Hansom

Buying British and Irish food is affordable, adds value and offers your business a unique selling point. Showing your support can differentiate you from competition and customers will respond with their appetite and wallets. Alexia Robinson, founder of Love British Food, says: “We are facing uncertain times with Brexit and there is a real need for a robust supply of quality food at stable, affordable prices. We want to encourage the foodservice sector to make British food the first supplier of choice throughout the year. British Food Fortnight is a proven promotion in foodservice and we are encouraging caterers across the private and public sectors to take part.”