Charity Vegetarian for Life is holding an awards ceremony to praise the work of care caterers who work to support older vegetarians and vegans.

For the first time, V for Life’s Annual Award for Excellence in Vegetarian and Vegan Care Catering now covers four categories;

  • Veggie Care Chef of the Year. A worthy winner would be a chef that makes vegan or veggie residents excited about dinner time.
  • Veggie Wholesaler of the Year. Meals on Wheels? Vegan delivery service? Inclusive retailer supplying the care sector?
  • Most Innovative Veggie Dish. This award would be given to someone who came up with a fantastic, original recipe that can recommend to care catering staff.
  • Special Recognition. This is for that special someone who strives to make the UK a better place for older vegans and vegetarians. This could be a volunteer, a resident, a staff member or anyone who demonstrates outstanding commitment to making veganism and vegetarianism accessible to older people.

Last year, life-long vegetarian Hannah Mulholland, head of activity co-ordinators at Barchester Health Care, went the extra mile to put on a whole host of delicious veggie friendly foods for her residents.

Her dedication to ensuring there are options for everyone – and passion for helping others made her a worth winner of last year’s Veggie Hero award.

Speaking about the award, she said: “I have been a vegetarian my whole life it’s always been a passion of mine since I was young. So it’s always been in the back of my mind to promote vegetarian and veganism and support people if they wanted to take the next step.

“So to receive a nomination I was so pleased and to actually end up winning the award was absolutely wonderful. I have achieved some fantastic things in my time but this was really something special to me. Hopefully I can use this now to inspire others and help as many people as possible.”

CEO at V for Life, Amanda Woodwine, said: “We know there are incredible people out there going to the extra mile, just like Hannah, to ensure older vegetarians and vegans are getting the meal choices they deserve. So we want to highlight the fantastic work they are doing, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”

If you know someone who should be nominated for one of these Veggie Hero awards, or would like to nominate yourself, simply write 200 words explaining why. Send your applications to before 5th August, 2018.

Photo caption: Hannah Mulholland with her award.