Vanilla Chocolate Bar


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  • g Cocoa Butter
  • g DeZaan true dark cocoa powder
  • g Caster sugar (blended to extra fine for best results)
  •   2 Vanilla beans (seeded)


  • 1

    Step 1

    Prepare a bain-marie.
  • 2

    Step 2

    In a heat-proof bowl, add the cocoa butter and vanilla bean seeds and melt over bain-marie completely not surpassing 42ºc.
  • 3

    Step 3

    Once at the correct temperature, let cool and infuse for a minimum of 1 hour. The cocoa butter might set, this is ok. Just needs to be re-melted to 42ºc. This allows for a stronger vanilla flavour to pull through.
  • 4

    Step 4

    Once the vanilla has been infused and the cocoa butter is brought back to the correct temperature, add the cocoa powder and sugar.
  • 5

    Step 5

    Blend thoroughly to temper and eliminate any lumps (best with a hand-blender). Be careful not to incorporate too much air into the mixture.
  • 6

    Step 6

    Once mixture has been blended and is a smooth fluid mixture, check that the temperature has been brought down to 31-32ºc. If temperature is too warm still, stir the chocolate mixture until the correct temperature is achieved.
  • 7

    Step 7

    Pour into the prepared chocolate bar moulds.
  • 8

    Step 8

    Leave to set completely in a cool temperature. (Tip: if in a hurry, let set in the refrigerator).


  • 105 g Cocoa Butter
  • 57 g DeZaan true dark cocoa powder
  • 57.2 g Caster sugar (blended to extra fine for best results)
  • 2 Vanilla beans (seeded)