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Welsh Wagyu Beef Rib with Shiitake

By Leading Lights feature Gareth Ward


  1. Cooking the welsh wagyu rib - Combine the salt and water to form a brine and use this to cover the beef rib, then leave it in the brine for 3 days in the fridge.
  2. Once the wagyu beef rib has finished in the brine wash it off and then vacuum pack and cook in the water bath at 70°C until it is completely soft, normally 48 hours at least.
  3. Once completely cooked remove from the water bath and allow to cool, chill overnight until they are set. Cut into four portions and keep in the fridge for finishing on the barbecue later.
  4. Mushroom “ketchup”- Bring the mushroom stock up to the boil with the agar-agar and pass into a container, chill this until it is firm enough to cut into cubes. Combine the sugar and vinegar and blend together with the cubes of set mushroom stock until it is smooth, pass off and chill before checking the seasoning once cold. If needed, add salt and rice wine vinegar to taste.
  5. For the dressings - For the shiitake dressing, roast the shiitakes in a pan in very hot oil until dark and crispy and add the soya sauce while still hot, allow to infuse then pass off through a muslin cloth. Discard the shiitakes keeping the liquid. Reserve this to one side and use at room temperature.
  6. For the soy dressing, for the sea lettuce, combine 100g soy with the 50g of sugar and 100g of vinegar and whisk. Keep this at fridge temperature.
  7. To finish and serve - Barbecue the cooked and portioned wagyu beef rib for a couple of minutes each side and put on the plate.
  8. Cover the beef in the shiitake mushroom ketchup, dress the sea lettuce with the soy dressing and place on top of the wagyu rib coated in shiitake mushroom ketchup.
  9. Finish with the fried wild rice and dehydrated shiitakes, dress with the shiitake dressing by spooning a teaspoon of it over the top once all assembled.