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Pickled Vegetables, Sloe Gin Glaze, Shallot Dressing, Cress


  1. Vegetables - Wash, dry and prepare vegetables. Lightly char-grill or griddle, little longer for aubergines. Set aside on pickling tray. Blanch, refresh, peel and deseed tomatoes, slice and add
  2. Pickle - Combine ½ the sugar, vinegar, bay leafs, clove, star anis, cardamom, mustard seeds and ginger. Set over low heat, add sliced garlic and bring to start of boiling point. Take off heat, cover tightly and allow to infuse. When slightly cooled down, pour over vegetables and cover till ready to use.
  3. Lemon Confit - Peel thin lemon rind and remove pith. Wash well and dry. In very slightly seasoned water, boil rapidly till almost translucent. Separately, with lemon juice, sugar and few slices of shallots, prepare confit base. Boil, then add in blanched lemon rind, take off heat and rest covered for 1 hour (longer if possible will give better result)
  4. Sloe Glaze - Combine gin, 15ml water, remainder sugar, crushed white peppercorns and berries. Boil till syrup consistency, keep warm covered.
  5. Shallot Dressing - Combine honey, orange juice, seasoning and extra virgin olive oil. Whisk into finely chopped shallot.
  6. Cress - Pick, wash, drain and dry. Set aside.
  7. Plating - Warm vegetables and lemon through in a moderately heated oven. Drain from pickle, confit juice and place in centre of bowl. Brush with warm sloe glaze, do not add berries. Lavishly dress with Shallot Dressing. Finish with picked cresses.