The ongoing popularity of informal dining has seen the trend for sharing platters rocket. The theatre of a board laden with tasty morsels is one which never fails to disappoint. It’s a trend that’s set to stick around – in fact diners actually expect to see sharing options on menus, so it’s important to make them part of your offer. In its Menu and Food Trends 2017 survey, MCA reported ‘sharing dishes’ to be one of the top 10 trends affecting food menus in the restaurant sector. As day parts become ever more blurred, sharing platters perfectly accommodate the growing trend for all-day dining, offering a relaxed way of snacking and socialising. The secret to a successful sharing platter is about marrying components and flavours that work well together. To help you nail this most casual of approaches to food, we’ve created four sharing board solutions, which are guaranteed to get your customers drooling…

A Taste of the Med

The ever-popular Mediterranean diet lends itself beautifully to sharing platters, particularly during the warmer months. Inspired by the eating habits of Greece, Spain and southern Italy, offer delicious slices of charcuterie, alongside cheeses such as halloumi, feta, mozzarella or manchego. Add in some mouth-watering olives and tasty sundried tomatoes and serve with warm garlic bread. Make your own garlic ciabatta with our easy recipe using Country Range Stone Baked Ciabatta as shown on the platter here (http://

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• Country Range Stone Baked Ciabatta • Pack size: 65 x 120g
• Country Range Garlic Purée • Pack size: 1kg
• Country Range Parsley • Pack size: 120g
• Country Range Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil • Pack size: 1kg

Global Fusion

Indian cuisine remains a firm favourite in the hearts of UK consumers, with contemporary Indian food being championed on the street food scene. Turn up the heat with bowls of sweet chilli dipping sauce, mango chutney and homemade raita. Add onion bhajis and samosas, and, of course, some poppadoms.

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• Country Range Premium Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets • Pack size: 5kg
• Country Range Madras Plain Poppadoms • Pack size: 1kg
• Country Range Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce • Pack size: 700ml
• Country Range Mango Chutney • Pack size: 2.8kg

Under the Sea

Fish and seafood are enjoying an increased presence on menus in general as consumers opt for healthier choices when dining out. That, coupled with the growing trend for Nordic cuisine, makes this fishy feast a fabulous favourite.

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• Country Range Capers in Brine • Pack size: 1kg
• Country Range Gourmet Cod Fish Fingers • Pack size: 1kg
• Country Range Premium North Atlantic Prawns • Pack size: 2kg
• Country Range Tartare Sauce • Pack size: 2.25ltr
• Country Range Seafood Sauce • Pack size: 2.25ltr

The Classic

This take on a traditional Ploughman’s Lunch offers a hearty treat for hungry diners. Pack it with plenty of mini pies and premium sausage rolls, plus slices of cooked meats, and complement the flavours with silverskin onions, mustard and lashings of sweet pickle!

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• Country Range 12” Fully Baked Quiche – Mediterranean Vegetable
• Country Range Mini Minced Beef & Ale Pies • Pack size: 6 x 10 x 30g
• Country Range Mini Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pies • Pack size: 6 x 10 x 30g
• Country Range Traditional Wiltshire Gammon Slices • Pack size: 500g
• Country Range Silverskin Onions • Pack size: 1.48kg
• Country Range Wholegrain Mustard • Pack size: 2.27ltr
• Country Range Sweet Pickle • Pack size: 2.4kg
• Country Range Cocktail Gherkins in Vinegar • Pack size: 1.48kg