The former TOWIE star and wife of footballer Rio Ferdinand sees healthy eating as a way of life, and has detailed the secrets of her diet and fitness regime in her new book, ‘Fitter, Happier and Healthier’.

“My approach is simple,” she explains. “I exercise and eat well most of the time so I’m able to enjoy myself and drink a few cocktails when I go on a night out. “I would hate to be one of those people who are too scared of living life to the full in case they put on weight.

Her debut book contains a four-week plan of workouts, along with a collection of recipes to boost energy levels an replenish all the nutrients essential for a fit, glowing body.

“I am proof that if you keep a good routine going and eat sensibly your body will stay on track,” continues Kate. “It’s so much cleverer than you realise. The plan is designed to help you get in shape and learn healthy new habits, and hopefully the things you will take away from it will last a lifetime.

“I’m not claiming to be an all-round expert who has qualifications coming out of their ears; I’m just showing you what works for me, and has done for years.”

Cooking for Rio and his children Lorenz, Tate and Tia forced Kate to adapt her culinary style, she explains. “I’ve definitely improved since I met Rio, and I’ve expanded the range of dishes I make. I used to cook what I lik because I was only cooking for myself, but now I make things that the kids like and they’re proper family meals like salmon and rice and broccoli, or prawns with rice and veg, or lamb chops, potatoes and veg. They always have greens with their dinner.

“I make everything from scratch, because then you know exactly what’s in your meals.” Here, Kate shares one of the recipes from her book…