MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace has enjoyed a 20-year love affair with the foods of Italy, so it is no surprise that he has published a cookbook on the subject.

Gregg went on to marry an Italian, and he and his wife Anna co-wrote the book, drawing on many family recipes for inspiration.

“It was a happy accident that I met and fell in love with an Italian woman,” explains Gregg. “I have to confess, it wasn’t just her beauty and personality I fell for; it was also her passion for feasting and cooking.

“Although I’ve loved the food of Italy for a long time, marrying into an Italian family has increased my knowledge and heightened my appreciation for it. Mealtimes have become so much more than they ever used to be.

“Anna is a fabulous cook, just like her mamma and papa, Rina and Massimo, and they’ve all taught me a lot. Mostly what I’ve learned is that flavour is everything, and every meal, no matter how simple, is best savoured slowly.”

Here, Gregg, who is a renowned sweet-tooth, shares his recipe for Capri chocolate tart.

“This beautiful tart originates from the island of Capri, one of my favourite places in the world,” he says. “It contains chocolate, and almond flour rather than plain flour, so is very rich and decadent, something I am attempting to be.”