Restaurant Kits, a new e-commerce website, was launched in July delivering restaurant meal kits nationwide to provide the hard hit industry with another source of revenue.

It is the brainchild of Calum Mackinnon and Andy Waugh, Scottish restaurateurs and co-founders of the Mac & Wild business which includes several restaurants and an online butcher and Edward Alun-Jones, the hospitality technology entrepreneur. They brought together a team of
top chefs and restaurateurs as founding partners including Thom and James Elliott from Pizza Pilgrims, Tom Griffiths from Flank, chef patron James Cochran from 12:51 and Around The Cluck and Yum Bun founder Lisa Meyer.

Calum Mackinnon says “We wanted to keep restaurants alive through lockdown by offering the “at home” service, providing a constant revenue while they were shut.”

Currently the platform has 16 participating restaurants, covering a range of cuisines from Italian to Israeli and they are looking for more to join. As Calum says “The more the better, we’re excited to grow this platform and offer customers as much variety for their “at home” dining experience.”

Each restaurant kit listed on the web site includes ingredients, prep time, allergy information, shelf life, as well as information about the restaurant
with a click through link. Some kits include a “how to” video, while others provide step by step guides with the delivery.

Calum says “Restaurant Kits allow restaurants to engage with their customers in a different way. One of the things we love about DIY
kits is by having a ‘step by step’ video, consumers can cook alongside the founder or chef and pick up tips. You don’t get that in a restaurant.”

Restaurant Kits offers two options. The first is a listing and marketing option where restaurants can fulfil the orders themselves or the second option is a complete ‘end to end’ solution that includes kit development support, marketing, fulfilment, inventory management and customer service.

“When a restaurant contacts us, we’ll do a feasibility study. We take a percentage of the kit sale price. The model was developed by the founding partners to ensure it worked for everyone,” says Calum.

Calum says he has been thrilled with the feedback from businesses and customers. “Some restaurants were selling up to 100 kits a day but this has dropped slightly as restaurants have begun to re-open. We will continue to sign up new restaurants and have some exciting plans in the pipeline.”

James Elliot, co-founder of Pizza Pilgrims, says “Our ‘Pizza in the Post’ kit started off as an idea to help us through this tricky time. It’s been a huge success, more so than we anticipated. It’s great to be part of Restaurant Kits and getting more pizza out to people at home.”

Drinks can also be ordered, both Ready to Drink (RTD) and to be mixed at home.

Customers can order from anywhere in the UK and the kit will be delivered to them within one to three days from placement of the order. Restaurant Kits uses eco-friendly packaging from Puffin Packaging.

What about the future? Calum has plans for developing the business post lockdown “as we are delivering throughout the country and with home “eat-entertainment” on the rise, Restaurant Kits offers an opportunity for consumers to develop their cooking skills, as well as an extraordinary dining experience. We will soon be launching Christmas feasting kits, new brands and partnerships.”