Research carried out by drinks distributor Matthew Clark reveals that this Christmas, bartenders, waiters, hotel staff and chefs will be loading up on overtime with just five to six hours of sleep a night. Worryingly, 64% say that they very regularly miss out on sleep and especially so over the festive period and nearly 10% are getting by on just three to four hours’ sleep.

Over a lifetime in hospitality, workers will miss out on over 120 hours of sleep – five whole days – over the festive period alone. The research reveals that those in the industry will be working an extra 28 hours over the festive period. In this time, you could pour 840 pints of Guinness or cook 168 steaks.

Time is indeed a precious commodity in the hospitality industry, with the majority of those employed in the sector saying they only get between five and six hours’ sleep a night over the festive period, when experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep a night to encourage productivity and help concentration.

The following top 10 activities that are regularly missed out on are:
• Dating
• Watching films or TV shows
• Exercising
• Learn a new skill (e.g. language, sport)
• Pampering themselves
• Cooking new recipes
• Reading books
• Running essential errands
• Holidays