It’s Stop Food Waste Day on Wednesday 28th April, a global initiative to highlight awareness about the impact of food waste across the world.

The UK’s hospitality and food sector throws away over 1.1m tonnes of food each year, 75% of which is avoidable1.

To mark this special day, you can pledge your commitment to stop wasting food by sharing your initiatives on social media using
the hashtag #StopFoodWasteDay

One of the biggest areas of food waste is leftovers. Look at what is left on plates as it will show you where cost savings can be made. A good idea is to provide a choice of portion sizes, serve side dishes as options and offer customers a container to take home left over food.

You can also be creative with leftovers and use them for new dishes. For example, Beef and Cheese Tacos can be made using leftover burger patties and adapted using different toppings such as shredded cheese, chopped red chillies or finely sliced onion. Instead of throwing away potato peelings, use them in a nutritious soup. Make the most of vegetable leftovers. For example, don’t discard broccoli stalks, but instead use the stems in Broccoli Stalk Hummus as a change from the traditional chickpea recipe. Or make a vegetable broth from an assortment of vegetable leftovers.

Chef Cary Neff, VP of Culinary, Morrison Healthcare, adds “Cooked grains and vegetables from one meal can be converted into a salad
or soup for another meal. In addition to converting to soups or salads, breakfast hash and one dish casseroles are a good way
to repurpose leftovers.”

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