With plant-based diets growing in popularity, many foodservice outlets are now making plant protein and vegetables the ‘stars’ of the show.

 The Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘Make veg a star, not a side’ campaign provides lots of tips and inspiration to get you started. Here are a few of their suggestions…

  • Serve only meat-free starters or support meat-free initiatives, such as Meat-Free Mondays.
  • Set goals to increase your veg and plant offer. Increasing the amount of veggie dishes or the amount of veg and plants in each dish.
  • Make sure vegetarians always have at least two choices of mains.
  • Make meat an addition to veg-led plates.
  • Promote vegetarian and/or vegan daily specials.
  • Tell the story behind the menu; showcase local suppliers, promote sustainable innovation, praise good practice and high standards. Share a story with your customers. Let them know they are part of the positive change and that every bite makes a difference.
  • Choose your vegetable based on seasonality/locality.
  • Work with different techniques to harness the potential of umami flavours.
  • Use spices to enhance the natural flavour profile of your veg and plants.
  • Work with textures to help make your veg and plants more interesting. Try various cooking techniques such as BBQ, smoked, roasted, poached etc.
  • Think about the visual opportunities using various colours, showing depth through textures and garnishes – even use emulsions to raise the complexity and skill behind the dish if that
    suits your brand.

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