Kam Media

By Katy Moses, Founder & Managing Director of KAM Media

How many hospitality apps do you have on your phone? I’ve got a total of 8 – all downloaded and used to varying degrees (and success!) over the last 6 months. It therefore came as no surprise when KAM research revealed that 1-in-2 customers are now getting a little peeved at having to download a new app each time they visit a pub or restaurant!

That’s not to suggest that customers aren’t increasingly demanding technology in hospitality, it just needs to be painless.

1. Easing customer pain points
Two thirds of consumers find it frustrating when waiting to pay their bill at the end of a meal. 41% say that over the last 6 months it’s become more important to them that venues offer a ‘order and pay at table’ option. If you’re not offering already, it’s definitely worth investigating.

2. Inform and re-assure
Consumers are more ‘information hungry’ than ever as they remain ‘alert’ to COVID-19 risks. Digital channels, including social media, play a role in improving communication and reassuring customers. 92% want to see clear communication of safety measures via operators’ websites.

3. Using data to power decisions
All these new apps, track and trace, WiFi, additional pre-bookings, increased web visits and guest feedback platforms
are all critical ways to get to know your customers so much better (and not just the regulars!). At the very least consider introducing a regular email survey.

4. Taking a 2021 approach
This desire for technology-enhanced hospitality experiences isn’t new. A phenomenal 1-in-2 customers think that pubs and bars in particular are behind other leisure outlets and retail when it comes to their use of tech.

Tech in hospitality is now not only widely welcomed – it’s expected by customers. But it should only exist to enhance the customer experience, tech for tech’s sake does nobody any favours!