This month, we take a closer look at French cuisine which is enjoying a global renaissance and is set to be a key food trend this year. As consumers continue to seek comfort, French fare adds to this an element of indulgence, simplicity and guaranteed deliciousness.

Super Sauces

An essential part of the French culinary repertoire, classic French sauces have been adapted into many other cuisine styles around the world. Think mernière, Bordelaise, béarnaise, beurre blanc to name but a few.


This technique that was traditionally used for preserving is now commonly used for meats like goose, duck and pork, which are cured in salt before being cooked long at a low temperature for several hours in their own fat. This makes the meat exceptionally tender, rich and delicious!


Encompassing many prepared meats, such as ham, pâté, terrines and saucisson, charcuterie is one of the most important branches of French culinary tradition.


A classic French dish which appears on most French bistro menus, tartare is traditionally prepared using ground raw beef, onion, capers, Worcestershire sauce and raw egg yolk.


This simple farmhouse dish has evolved to become one of France’s most popular dishes. The most popular versions include white beans and confit duck or pork and sausage. In France, meats are more varied, such as goose, mutton and partridge.

Cheese Dreams

We can’t talk about French cuisine without mentioning cheese. With over 400 styles produced across the country, French restaurants in the UK and Ireland tend to import specific varieties for their cheese boards.

Pastries and Breads

French patisseries and bakeries are one of the most notable aspects of French cuisine and culture which are thriving in the UK and Ireland. Favourites include macarons, croissants, pain au chocolate, millefeuille, éclairs and not forgetting the wonderful bread too!

Information Taken From The Food People French Cuisine UK Report

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