Spectacular squid Arabica located in Borough Market, brings genuine Levantine food coupled with an innovative style, with sharing plates like this Salt & Pepper Squid topped with spring onion, crispy garlic with a side of sesame tarator.

It’s all Greek to me! Contemporary Greek restaurant Meraki showcases the finest Mediterranean ingredients with dishes including this 1.8kg ‘celebration’ leg of lamb, slow-cooked with a herb crust and caper salsa verde.

Fancy crab Celebrate the world’s most soughtafter shellfish, the red king crab, with this delicious starter from King Crab in Marylebone – a delicious take on tempura with crunchy breadcrumbs surrounding delicate claw meat.

Modernist eggs Modernist Cuisine have perfected the art of cooking eggs sunny-side up – by cooking the yolk separately from the white and to then reassemble the two parts just before serving. “That way, the yolk is like jam and the white is still buttery,” say the creative team.

Fragrant fancies These Chinese Prawn Potsticker Dumplings created for Tilda by development chef Dez Turland are the perfect addition to any starter or bar snack menu to celebrate Chinese New Year. www.tilda.com/professionals/recipes/chinese-prawn-potsticker-dumplings/

Crowning glory Atul Kochhar is reknowned for his innovation and the latest menu at Hawkyns at the Crown Inn in Amersham is no exception. This Saffron and Yoghurt Mille Feuille with Tonka Bean ice cream looks set to be a big hit.

Thigh high Serve up a taste of the Med with these Marinated Chicken Thighs, Cashews and Peppers made using Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce with Roasted Garlic. More great recipes are available at www.kikkoman.co.uk.

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