By George McIvor, chairman of The Master Chefs of Great Britain

The Master Chefs of Great Britain was formed in 1980 to provide a forum for the exchange of culinary ideas and to further the profession through training and the guidance of young chefs. In addition, the association seeks to promote all that is best about British cuisine and produce. We are delighted to be working with Country Range and providing information and recipes for their Eat the Season feature.

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  1. Elevate Them – Go decadent with roast Jersey Royal, with creamed potato, caviar and sorrell
  2. Choc potato – For a delicious but unusual pairing, try this Jersey Royal potato and chocolate pastry
  3. Smash Them – For a lovely side dish or healthy snacked try smashed Jersey Royals with oil -free aioli
  4. Fondant Fancy – Jersey Royals fondants are an elegant addition to this Perthshire pheasant dish served with celeriac, kale, port jus and bread sauce
  5. Head for the Med – Grilled sardines work beautifully with garlic roasted Jersey Royals and salsa verd

Recipes supplied by:

  1. Steve Smith at Bohemia, Jersey
  2. France Atkins, FMCGB, of The Yorke Arms for www. and re-printed with permission from
  3. Maggie Lister, roving chef for Vegetarian for Life
  4. Shaune Hall of Falcon Foodservice
  5. Shaun Hill, FMCGB, of The Walnut Tree for www.greatbritishchefs. com and re-printed with permission from www.

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Official tasting notes

By New Covent Garden Market, the UK’s leading wholesale fruit and vegetable market

Properties: Jersey Royal new potatoes arise from the unique growing conditions in Jersey where the earth is rich and fertile. The early season potatoes are smaller and more tender, while the later season are larger and more flavoursome. The season is short lived, with peak season being in May.

Usage: Jersey Royals can be used in stews or casseroles or as a side dish to meat or fish. Leave the skins on to make the most of the flavour and reap the health benefits. Make sure to give them a good wash before steaming or boiling for 15-20 minutes. Add butter and fresh herbs such as parsley, mint or chives.

Notes: Often considered the ‘champagne of the potato world’, Jersey Royals are the only fresh vegetable to have Protected Destination of Origin status