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Goose used to be seen regularly on the Christmas dinner table but the venerable turkey now reigns supreme. Goose meat has a higher fat content then a turkey, but much of this melts away during cooking providing you with a rich, dark meat that is both delicious and succulent. The melted fat can be retained and used to make the best roast potatoes! Originally bred in ancient Egypt, goose liver has held a special place in the culinary world from early Roman times. It has always played a part in French cuisine – think the traditional cassoulet, confit d’oie and foie gras. Goose is available year-round but ordering in advance for Christmas is a must. Remember they are big-boned birds so you do need to calculate on 750g per person when buying a whole bird. Free range is inevitably best and, of course, younger, smaller birds are more tender than the larger birds. Always remove the giblets before storing in the fridge for up to three days. When preparing the bird, remember to scoop out any excess fat from the cavity and rinse well inside and out before patting well dry.

1. Plum cooking- The richness of goose meat works beautifully with the sharpness of plums in this dish served with plums and blackcurrant liqueur sauce.
2. Oh Honey- Life is sweet with this Rhug organic Dee Valley honey roast goose stuffed with lemons, oranges and fresh herbs.
3.  Parsee style goose- Spice up your bird with this fabulous Indian-inspired recipe with a fiery sauce featuring red chillies, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.
4. Good roasting – Best known perhaps for their duck, Gressingham also know a thing or two about how to roast the perfect goose.
5. Date night-  For a twist on the traditional, try stuffing your goose with fragrant quinces, dates and spices.

Recipes supplied by: 1. Combe Organic 2. Elliot Knox
3. Cyrus Todiwala 4. Gressingham Game 5. Sorrell Scott

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