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Official tasting notes By New Covent Garden Market, the UK’s leading wholesale fruit and vegetable market

Properties: Chestnuts have a sweet strong flavour, with a pasty texture. The pre-cooked vacuum-packed versions have an oily taste and slightly floury texture, while fresh chestnuts have a very creamy soft texture, which firms up when fried to unveil a smokey flavour. Usage: Fresh wet chestnuts can be steamed or poached, but the bitter skin must be peeled off. They are great for soups, stuffing or sauces and combine well in butter with cabbage and sprouts.

Notes: The vacuum-packed versions are great for convenience and a good store cupboard ingredient, but they don’t have the texture and freshness of wet chestnuts. Slice fresh chestnuts before cooking to make peeling them easier.

  • No beef here – For a hearty winter warmer, try this vegetarian version of Beef Stroganoff, replacing the meat with chestnuts and chestnut mushrooms.
  • Winter wonderland- Create a dessert mountain with this sweet treat comprising chestnuts, chocolate and icing sugar.
  • Press ahead – Chestnut granola adds wonderful flavour and texture to this elegant compressed organic chicken dish, beautifully complementing the additional ingredients of pheasant, beetroot, parsnips, spinach, goat’s cheese and orange onion chutney.
  • Having a ball- Use vacuum-packed pre-cooked chestnuts to create these delicate chestnut, black truffle and red cabbage arancini for a delicious festive starter.

Recipes supplied by: 1. Essential Cuisine 2. Master Chefs of Great Britain
3. Shaune Hall, development chef at Falcon 4. Rupert Rowley, development chef, MSK ingredients