You can’t beat a good brunch. It’s like having the best of both worlds. It’s later than breakfast, which implies you’ve had a nice lie-in, and it feels more leisurely than lunch because you’re not restricting it to an hour-long time slot. From a caterer perspective, it’s a great way of filling the quieter mid-morning period, and enticing diners in with delicious comfor t food and hangover cures.

One of my favourite brunch dishes is bacon and sausage hash. Take some Country Range Sausages and Country Range Bacon and cut them up into small pieces then fry in butter with either some Country Range Piri Piri Seasoning or Chilli Flakes. Cook until golden brown then add in a handful of sliced, leftover new potatoes. When hot, crack two or three eggs on the top, add some Country Range Grated Cheddar and grill. Serve as a sharing dish in the pan – there’s something so satisf ying about eating out of the pan!

A similar idea is to chop up some Country Range Hash Browns, mix wit h some scrambled egg, bacon and cheese then bake in a massive pan. Avocado is the superfood of the moment and hugely popular on brunch menus. A nice way to use it is to rub some stale sourdough with garlic and olive oil and griddle it off until lightly brown. Top with mashed avocado and some chopped tomatoes and basil, for a delicious vegetarian brunch dish. For a sweet treat, try Country Range American Style Pancakes with crispy bacon, Country Range Maple Syrup, yoghurt and blueberry compote – all served in individual pots so that customers can ‘build their own’.

Drinks-wise, brunch is all about strong coffee, fruit juices and, if you’re up to it, Bloody Marys! Country Range Fruit Juices are brilliant – serve in pitchers for sharing.

Happy cooking,

Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson is Country Range’s development chef. He has over 28 years’ experience in foodservice, has cooked for royalty, film and pop stars, and also works as a food consultant and stylist. He runs Lancashire’s only boutique cookery school.

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