Santa Maria Foodservice has joined forces with renowned chef Dan Doherty to improve chefs’ knowledge and understanding of Tellicherry black pepper as an essential ingredient in the kitchen.

Dan, executive chef at London’s award-winning Duck and Waffle restaurant, will launch a series of recipes to inspire chefs to experiment with Tellicherry black pepper and discover its unrivalled taste and aroma. Dan will also be demonstrating a selection of these recipes during a pepper masterclass at this year’s Restaurant Show on October 7.

Dan says: “Pepper is such a staple in many restaurants, it’s the only spice we have on the table. For chefs to consider it so integral that it’s a ‘seasoning’ and look for it when tasting dishes, shows we should know a little bit more about it.

“The flavour of Tellicherry is unique, still familiar but somehow heightened and more aromatic. It shouldn’t be used as a seasoning, it should be used as an ingredient in its own right.”

Eimear Owens, country sales manager UK and Ireland, Santa Maria Foodservice, comments: “We’re thrilled to be working with Dan to raise awareness of pepper as a key ingredient. It’s the world’s most consumed spice but no one has really told its story before. Who better than Dan to get chefs thinking and talking about pepper?

“By raising awareness of the special qualities of Tellicherry black pepper – The King of Spices – our partnership with Dan will highlight to chefs that pepper should be treated as an essential ingredient and afforded as much consideration as salt.

“In our recent research, 68% of chefs told us they want to know more about black pepper and are particularly interested in its taste, authenticity and provenance. So, to complement our partnership with Dan, we’ve produced a free online pepper guide to give chefs the tools and inspiration to help them get the most out of the different types of peppers they use in their dishes.”

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