Care homes from across the UK are already hard at work on their customised biscuits and biscuit-themed desserts for the McVitie’s Tastie’s competitions in association with NAPA. But with the entry deadline at 31 October, we’re close to crunch time!

Launched during this year’s Afternoon Tea Week, pladis, creators of McVities and Jacobs, and NAPA (the National Activity Providers Association) challenged UK care home residents to come up with the nation’s best decorated biscuit for the second year running. 

Alongside – in recognition of food service heroes who’ve devoted themselves to serving delicious care home meals over the last year – pladis has launched a new search: for the nation’s best care home cooks dessert using McVitie’s Tasties.

The prize? A lavish £1,000 afternoon tea for all to enjoy at their care home.

These challenges are part of a wider activity pack McVitie’s Tasties Care Home Challenge developed by pladis in association with NAPA, with the aim of bringing care home residents together to enjoy creative pursuits. The activity pack can be downloaded for free from:

Scott Snell, Vice President Sales, UK & Ireland, pladis, says: “Once again, we’ve had a stream of inspiring ideas in our customised biscuit competition. And we hear that it’s been a blast for all involved.

“Added to that, the quality of desserts we’ve seen from the care home cooks has been outstanding. It’s going to be hard to pick a winner.

“More importantly, it’s been lovely reading the themes and inspiration behind our entrants so far. They show how much creativity, passion and humour has gone into each entry. This is the kind of feedback that makes initiatives like this so worthwhile.”

Hilary Woodhead, Executive Director NAPA, says: “We’ve been blown away by the standard of the entries so far – from care home residents and cooks alike.

“The dessert challenge in particular is turning out to be a real win-win for all involved. Cooks are enjoying the creative challenge, while their residents are loving the chance to test the results!”

It’s free and easy to take part, care homes just need to come up with a theme for their biscuits, get creative, and then email photos of the resulting creations to

Care home cooks need to send photos of their desserts alongside the recipe, cost per portion, nutritional details, and five pieces of resident feedback. The top recipes will be featured alongside the winner in a downloadable recipe book, which will be sent to all participating care homes in December 2021.