The Country Range brand is widely regarded as the best in foodservice, and chefs rave about the quality, consistency and affordability of our products.

The range currently consists of an impressive 850 products – across ambient, chilled, frozen and non-food –and we generally launch between 40 and 50 new products each year. We’re constantly evolving our product linesto meet the changing needs and demands of professional caterers, as well as responding to the latest food trends.

So how do we decide which new products to launch and, once that decision is made, how do we bring it to market? The timeline below demonstrates this process – which takes on average eight weeks – in detail, using our new gourmet burgers and re-vamped Ingredients range, which we are launching this month, as our example products.

Behind the scenes…

How do we decide?

Our highly experienced buying team meet regularly to discuss current food trends and identify potential products based on these trends. For example, the huge “Americanisation”of menus and demand for premium products madea strong case for Country Range to launch gourmet burgers. The team also considers customer feedback and requests.


Next, we identify products meeting our quality requirements and check allergens, plus ensure the supplier meets the required standards for supplying Country Range. This includes having BRC (British Retail Consortium) accreditation. Food safety is of critical importance when working in the food supply chain and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification is an internationally recognised mark of food quality, safety and responsibility.

Quality control

Next, we work with the supplier and food technology consultants Micron2 to setup a critical path and to get the product agreed specification completed within the required deadlines. Micron2 weigh and measure the product and, where necessary, repeat the process after cooking to ensure product declarations are not misleading.


As part of the launch process, samples of the product undergo testing and are checked for physical parameters and dimensions. Micron2 weigh and measure the product, where necessary, and repeat the process after cooking to ensure product declarations are not misleading. They also conduct a sensory assessment of the product to ensure the flavour, texture and aroma meet the agreed specification.

Taking the product to market… 


Our own brand co-ordinator arranges a photoshoot to photograph both the pack shots and also the product being used within a recipe. It will often be linked with other Country Range brand products to provide both inspiration and also a complete menu solution for the caterer.


Information regarding the new product launch is collated and supplied to our sales teams across the UK ahead of launch so they can advise customers.

Product Support

We create a product information sheet for the Country Range website. Then we upload the ingredients, nutritional and allergen information to our online nutritional software tool K2N and (the Country Range Group website which specifically provides allergen information about all of the products we sell).

The range currently consists of an impressive 850 products –across ambient, chilled, frozen and non-food. To find out more about the Country Range brand visit the website at