Reasons why a fledging food business should consider renting a commercial kitchen space

By Will Beresford, CEO and co-founder of FoodStars

With fully fitted spaces available on a flexible membership programme, commercial kitchen spaces allow emerging brands the kitchen space they need to take their business one step further. Tech platforms are enabling more and more foodie businesses to expand into the market, with the opportunity to prosper without the need for a ’shop-front’ base. If you’re a start-up business looking to showcase your brand, commercial kitchen spaces can help to develop your product with minimal input and additional costs – it offers a flexible and easy option to kick-start businesses without having to take time out to negotiate lengthy contracts and equipment costs. Established food brands are similarly using these spaces as an extension of their own kitchens in order to test new concepts and stay one step ahead of the ever-changing food industry.

Here are six good reasons for considering a commercial kitchen space:

Ready-made network Unlike other kitchen spaces, commercial kitchens are adjoined, creating a community of foodies to network and share equipment with. With a ready-made network of individuals and brands within the industry, members often offer tips, solutions, and help each other out by sharing their experiences; overcoming the lonely aspect associated with starting up a business.

Sufficient storage space Commercial kitchen spaces offer tons of storage space for a business. This is particularly important for emerging online food delivery companies that don’t have huge amounts of storage space to contain their product. Rented kitchens are designed to handle the production of large established businesses; therefore, the spaces should provide the sufficient storage you’re after.

Location Commercial kitchen spaces offer easy access to prime locations across the city, allowing any growing business to expand its customer base. The kitchens are also available to rent on a rolling contract; giving you the flexibility you need to trial a location’s response to your product – without having to commit to the space.

Saving on up-front costs Kitchen rental spaces provide fully fitted kitchens, saving thousands of pounds on upfront fit-out costs – making it the ideal solution for a business with limited capital. In the food industry, kitchen equipment and supplies can make a huge dent in budgets so by looking for solutions like renting out commercial kitchen space, it means you can look to invest the saved capital elsewhere in the business.

Hygienic and regulated Commercial kitchen providers ensure the highest level of health and safety standards in their kitchens, meaning all kitchens are fitted out with hygienic wall cladding, as well as stainless steel equipment. Commercial kitchens also offer cleaning services on daily basis to ensure the space is of the best hygiene standard possible to prepare your product.

Operationally sufficient The facilities and services on offer are of a commercial capacity and state-of-the-art, providing your business with an abundance of essential equipment and storage as well as 24-hour on the ground maintenance support.