A true nut of the Americas, the majority of the world’s pecan nuts come from the southern states of America and Mexico. Brilliant in the kitchen, pecans are widely used in cake, cookie, muffin, tart and sweet pie recipes but they’re just as useful in savoury dishes too.


Andrew Green is the Chief Executive of the Craft Guild of Chefs. Established in 1965, the esteemed Chef’s association celebrated 50 years in 2015 and continues to lead the way when it comes to representing, training, testing, developing and supporting chefs from across the foodservice spectrum. Here are his five ideas for using Country Range pecan nuts:

Pecan perfection

For the true glory of the pecan, look no further than a traditional pecan pie and for a stunning accompaniment, I love to serve with homemade butter pecan ice cream.

Crust is a must

Great for texture and flavour when used as a crust on all manner of meats and fish, my all-time favourite is pecan crusted salmon with a lemon glaze.

Brilliant for baking

Whether for cakes, puddings or bread, pecans are a powerful ingredient. One of my favourite loaves is a beautiful banana bread made with the addition of pecan nuts.

Winter wonder salads

Toasted pecans are fantastic when paired with fresh and dried fruits. In the winter months, I enjoy making a simple apple, cranberry and pecan salad with a punchy dressing.

Brownie twist

For added visual effect, contrast, texture and taste, try adding pecans to your brownie recipe.